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Okay, so subtlety is key here. What I've noticed about the show is that what draws me in the most about it is the realistic dynamic between the characters but also their reactions to simple things. "Beer'd ya" being "beard' me" in the other person's mind (even though they know better) is pretty great. The casual, relaxed tones actually remind me of Regular Show except interactions in this seem a bit further down - grounded, if you will - on a spectrum of personal interaction. "Less fanciful" is how I'd describe it but I'd also have to say "more charming". Now, it's not all realistic as we know that real people are often either stumbling over each other in a conversation or not really listening. The latter of this aspect is highlighted in Kit's disregard of Rav's insight but at the same time, it's not like there's an air of disconnection between them.

I know it looks like I'm reading too deep into this but really, I'm just trying to break it down into it's base components.

In summary: I liked it - even if it was short - and I found myself captured in a brief moment by characters who made me realize that other creations fail to do the same in twenty minutes or even more. Good work and may the winds of fate not screw you over.

P.S. Also, the concept of a civilization living in a cavity underground is so cool! Have an extra half-star for that.

Mosh-Bit-Cartoons responds:

Hey thanks for the review. I'm glad you appreciate the subtlety in the dialog and character writing. It's something really hard to pull off especially when your VAs are on different sides of the US recording at different times. Shout out to Mary Zolp for realizing Kit so well. I was unsure if people would "get" this series and I'm so glad that you and some others seem to understand what I'm trying to do. Thanks!

I absolutely loved it. This animation is what I'd call a great throwback to a goofier time in cartoons and it's humor matches that while still being able to do them in a modern theme. Character design, voice acting, animation, and comedic escalation was great. 5/5 for making me laugh and smile with just a two minute toon.

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Very nice film with rather fluid animation. The ability to match the animation with the context was a success along with the portrayal of emotion that was to be implied. Although it was a great flash, the presence of fan-service seemed a bit too convenient but hey, that's why there are ratings.
Over all, it's a pretty good flash and I'd say it's worth watching.

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Decent game. I've played one other game like this before and the biggest limitation on that end was that you had to go so fast or the game would kill you, which made some parts literally impossible due to rng. On the end of fairness, I give you props, however, there does seem to be a miscommunication as far as the character's hitbox goes, which is to say that the player can actually go through some spikes, lasers, sawblades, etc. While the lenience is nice for allowing progression through otherwise impossible areas, it's disadvantageous to those who might not notice it and know to take advantage of it. As far as rewards are concerned, they are priced a bit too high for what little content this game offers aside from its difficulty but perhaps I'm mistaken as it seems to be meant as a mobile game; something you can pull out of your pocket to kill time. So, for a flash game on computer: eh but for a game on mobile: kudos.
All in all, the game is slightly better than average

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I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The immense amount of humor put into random events and interesting character design for vendors was very pleasing. All in all, I'd say the game was great in really every aspect except for the slight hand holding given when a sale is going on for an item. But aside from that, this was a great title that really tickled my sense of humor (especially when the devil himself came from Hell to challenge me but was dissuaded by the freestyle musings of at least 97 Juniors).
A great piece with a well deserved rating of 10/10. Keep up the good work.


It was a fun game and all but I have a psychotic bug to report. This bug makes it so that your units disobey your orders. Instead of going with the formation I gave them, they go off on a formation where they are attacking the weaker front instead of defending the front that has five billion tanks approaching it. I can't give it more than three stars because of the annoyance it made me go through.

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Very good

So far I've been hearing it on loop and I've not noticed it until now. It also has a passive boost on my mood.

Cuzone responds:

That's incredible! Making people happy is one of the best things in music, isn't it?


the most that I can think to say about this song is just one word, "beautiful". 5/5 10/10. this is excellent music.

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Psychopath responds:

Man you guys have always been supportive.

I love you guys.


this music is like chocolate. you pop it in a savor the delights. 5/5 10/10

Dj-Rippa responds:

savor as you wish my friend ;)
thank you for your approval!

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Oh Cool

Thats some Pretty Sick [clothing] ^_^

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It's awesome how you put so much detail into everything else such as the hands, feet, and even the sheets on the bed and it turns out that you've got that awesome little simplified face. The nose makes it perfect.

Love it.

I've seen art in this style before and I've always loved it. A simplistic drawing with a complex background. The smoke and splatter effects are both amazing and I have to give props for that smile.

An aspiring artist and author, I wish to share my dreams with the world since it kind of sucks that I'm the only one who gets to experience them.

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